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Immunizations Family Planning WIC BCCCP


Clinics are held every Tuesday and Thursday by appointment. Late clinics are held on Tuesdays of each month by appointment.

Family Planning

The program is open to all women and men of childbearing age.


This program offers nutrition education and benefits.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program

Residing in our service area of Bay, Huron, Saginaw, Sanilac, St. Clair, and Tuscola Counties.

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Bad Axe, MI
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Public Health Emergency Preparedness

General Information

The Emergency Preparedness program develops protocol, coordinates trainings and collaborates with community Regional and State stakeholders to prepare for and protect the public in a disaster or emergency situation.

Emergency Preparedness Duties

    Integrating a comprehensive local emergency preparedness plan for
       All-Hazards in collaboration with other county entities and existing
       plans in the county.

    Coordinate the allocation of medications and medical services essential     
       to the general public during a disaster or emergency event.

    Collaboration and communication with other key players in the community.

    Monitor the availability of resources outside the Health Department including
       hospitals, law enforcement, EMS, fire personnel and other First Responders.

    Provide guidance and education to staff, private citizens, businesses, the
       medical community and other governmental units regarding bio-terrorism.

    To investigate any threat or compliant in order to control and/or minimize
       the spread of disease related to a bio-terrorism agent.

    To identify and establish key resources in the community that may
       be supportive in the event of an emergency, ( ie. chemical, biochemical
       or a natural disaster.)

    To be prepared for a possible emergency by collaborating and communicating
       with local, regional and state stakeholders.

Contact Information

(989) 269-9721, Ext. 184 - Jill Lackowski

Resident Participation

We encourage suggestions from Huron County residents.  If you are interested in participating on the Huron County Emergency Management Advisory Committee please contact us.  This committee addresses emergency planning at a county level.




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